Using Offline Mode

This page will explain how offline works and how to enable it

Offline mode allows your terminal to process transactions without syncing them to the network immediately, this is great if your internet connection isn't always reliable or if are going to be operating further away from your router than you usually would.


1. Open up the SPARK app whilst you're connected to WiFi and navigate to the settings menu

2. Select System Settings

3. Select "Offline Mode" at the bottom of the left hand menu

4. Select offline mode to switch it on

5. on your main ordering page now you'll notice this cloud icon, this shows you the transactions waiting to be uploaded 

6. Once your WiFi is more reliable you can press the Switch Online button to begin uploading them to your Transaction History and Cloud Office.

Note: Transactions in Offline Mode will not show on your End of Day read until they have been uploaded.


If you need any help with Offline Mode you can view our video guide below, or contact us at

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