How to Use Floor Plan and Tabs on Terminal

This page will explain how the tables and tab functions work

If you haven't created a table plan yet, view our guide here on how to set up a table plan

1. From the home screen on the terminal select the Table Plan button at the top of the screen

2. From here you can select a table once to view more information about the table or double press the table to view the existing bill or create an order for that table.

3. You can Move / Merge this tables order with another table by selecting the Move/Merge button and then selecting a different table or tab.


4. To access tabs select the tabs button at the top of the page


5. When you're viewing the tabs page you will then need to create the tab and press the Save button

Note: You only need to enter the Tab Name before saving, the rest of the fields are optional


 If you need any more help with the table plan or tabs on the terminal, you can view our video guide below or send an email to us at

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