Service Charge Settings

These guides will show you how to use the service charge settings on the system settings section of your Cloud HQ.

  1. How to edit the service charge

Before you do anything, make sure you login into your store account SparkEpos

How to edit the service charge.

This guide will show you how to edit the service charge on your Cloud HQ.


Firstly, scroll down to click on the 'System Settings' on the left-hand side, then the 'Service Charge Setting' option in the menu, as shown.


Service Charge settings menu will appear, shown below.


To add a service charge, select the number of covers you would like to service charge and create a percentage of how much you would like customers to tip-off their bill.


When you have decided on the number of covers and the percentage of service charge click the green save button and a message will appear saying it has been "saved successfully".