Managing Item Availability for Self-Ordering

Configuring Item Accessibility for Streamlined Self-Ordering

If you're seeking to make certain items unavailable for self-ordering, you're in the right place. Follow these straightforward steps to establish item availability for your self-ordering system.

  1. Accessing the Back Office Begin by accessing the back office interface.

  2. Navigating to Self Ordering Within the back office, navigate to the "Self Ordering" page.

  3. Accessing Menu Settings Look for the "Menu Settings" option on this page and click to select it.slef1

  4. Viewing Items per Category Upon entering "Menu Settings," you'll find a comprehensive list of items categorized accordingly.

  5. Toggling Item Availability To control an item's availability through the self-ordering feature, simply toggle the respective item accordingly.slef 2

  6. Category-Level Controls Additionally, there's an option to enable or disable all items within a specific category.

  7. Automatic Saving Your availability settings will be automatically saved once you've made your selections.

By following these steps, you'll effortlessly customize the accessibility of items for your self-ordering system, ensuring a tailored and efficient experience for your customers