These guides will show you how to use payments on your SPARK handheld device.

  1. How to process a payment

This guide will show you how to process a payment on the handheld.


Firstly, select 'Payment' on the homepage.


Now you can see your 'Table List' and how much they have spent in your hospitality venue. Select a table you would like to process the payment for. 


Then the payment screen will appear, displaying the amount that needs to be paid and the different payment methods such as SPARK pay, cash, card, gift voucher, third party or e-commerce


Enter the amount of money the customer pays you, for this instance, the customer pays £14.00 exactly in cash. When completed, press the 'Confirm' button at the bottom of the screen. 


After the transaction has been taken a payment message will appear, asking 'Do you want to print a receipt?'. If the customer would like a receipt press the green 'Confirm' button and a receipt will be printed for the customer and the transaction will be closed.