Dual Screen Terminal - Overview

This page will show an overview of the dual-screen terminal and all you need to know.

Front of Product (for operators)

Power Button 

Press the power button for 2-3 seconds to turn on the terminal or to restart if required.

In the event of a system crash, press and hold the power button for 11 seconds.

Primary Display 

Main touch screen.

Paper Exit Of Printer

Receipts will print here.

Paper Roller Cover Of Printer

Where the till roll is stored.

Cover Handle Of Printer

Latch that opens the cover of printer so till roll can be changed.

USB Interface

For connecting external accessories, e.g QR scanner.


Back Of Product (Customer facing display) 

SIM card Slot

The machine must be powered off before inserting a removing a SIM card. It may cause the system to crash.

TF Card Slot  

For connecting an external TF memory card.

Micro USB debugging port, debugging function button

For debugging the POS.


Cashbox Port

This port can only support 24V/1A cashbox.



Device Crash

Press and hold the power button for 11 seconds to reboot

Printer Out Of Service

Make sure the printer cover is closed properly.

Check for a paper jam.

Blank Receipts 

Check if  the printer paper is the correct way up.

Check if you have used the appropriate 80mm width thermal paper.

Smudged Receipts 

Please check if the print head was not clean, if so, please use a cotton-wool

bud to clean it.