How to print receipts.

This article is a walkthrough on how to print receipts.

  1. Start by adding the items that the customer orders.
  2. Then, click Pay
  3. On the payment screen, choose a payment method and allow the customer to pay. 
  4. However if the customer would like a copy of the receipt, before paying, you can also press the "Print" button at the bottom left of the screen to print out a bill preview.
  5. As the order is completed, you will be asked if you would like a receipt, click ‘yes’ and it will be printed. 
    If you're not faced with the prompt option to print a receipt, click here to view our guide on configuring your receipt printing preferences
  6. You can also print the receipt again if needed by clicking the ‘reprint’ button on the bottom of the screen.
  7. If the receipt your printing is not the last transaction, you can find all previous transactions by pressing the small arrow at the top left.
  8. Next, click the 'Transactions' button in the left hand column 
  9. Then you will be redirected to a list of all previous transactions.
  10. From here look for the transaction you want and open it. Once you are greeted with the transaction you are looking for.Look for a button at the top right to print out a receipt for that specific transaction.