How to fix issues related to the Network (TidyPay)

This article will troubleshoot common issues with Networking when using TidyPay

Terminals WIFI is on but has no internet access – Firstly, try to forget the network and then connect to it again. If that does not work, try resetting all network settings and try once more.
Try to connect to another network and see if that gives internet access to confirm that the antenna works. If no WIFIs work, consult Sunmi for warranty.

This is not in regards to using public WIFIs:
Many public WIFIs (cafes, hotels etc.) need the user to register the device on their website or by text message to get internet. This might not be possible with the terminal as it is not a normal phone.

Transactions not working on network – If the terminal seems to have internet in general but transactions do not work there might be a problem with the firewall.
Try connecting the terminal to another network to confirm that it works there.
If it can be determined that the firewall is blocking transactions, then the problem can be many different things. Firewalls are very different - the source of the blockage can be with rules, package handling or load on the network.
These are the general principles of what the app needs to access to process transactions:

  • TCP PORT 443 LAN to WAN must be open
  • PING LAN to WAN must be open
  • If in cloud mode - TCP port 8445 LAN to WAN must be open

If all of these seems open, but the blockage persists, please view the logs in the firewall and disable the source that blocks the transaction.