How to create an Email Template

This article will explain how to create and manage an email template

1. In the back office, click CRM on the left hand navigation bar


2. The Customer Relationship Management section will now open. Now click Email Themes.

CRM - Email Themes

3. Click Add New to create an Email Template

CRM - Email Template Settings - Add New

4. Select which Template you'd like to use

CRM - Email Template - Add New Template Selected

5. Click Details & Preview to preview the template, Click Select to chose the template

CRM - Email Template - Details & Preview or Select

6. Type a name for your template, this can be changed in the future

CRM - Email Template - Select 1

7. Now create your email template. Using the elements to the left, the email template can be created to fit the theme

CRM - Email Template - Select 2

When on the Email Template Settings;

Click Status to toggle whether the Email is live or not

CRM - Email Template Settings - Status


Click on an Action to do the following:

CRM - Email Template Settings - ActionClick the Green Pencil to Edit Email Name

CRM - Email Template - Action Green PencilClick the Blue Eye to Preview the Template

CRM - Email Template - Action Blue EyeClick the Red Bin to delete the email

CRM - Email Template - Action Red Bin

Click Customise to edit the email template

CRM - Email Template Settings - CustomiseCRM - Email Template - Customise