How to Create a Customer Profile on the Terminal

This article will explain how you can create a customer profile on the terminal

1. There are several places you can create a customer profile on the terminal, these places include when processing a takeaway order, creating a tab or from the Customer Lookup section in the side menu.

For both the takeaway and tab method, you will be able to select the + New Guest option to get to the customer creation screen.


To access from Customer Lookup section please follow the steps below.


2. First select this arrow to reveal the side menu and select the Customer Lookup option



3. You can select the + New Guest  option from the top of the page


4. The customer profile fields will then be displayed, so you can enter their details


5. After adding all the details, select the Add button on the top right to add this customer to your database


If you need any further help with adding a customer profile you can view our video guide below, or reach out to us at