Configuring Delivery Settings for Takeaway Orders

Streamlined Setup Process for Takeaway Delivery Orders

To facilitate takeaway delivery orders, our system offers the option to modify your delivery settings. In addition to takeaway collection orders, we extend this capability to encompass delivery requests as well.

The setup process is simple and involves a few essential steps:

  1. Accessing Setup To initiate the setup, begin by heading to the back office.

  2. Navigating to Self Ordering Once in the back office interface, locate and click on the "Self Ordering" tab.

  3. Accessing Delivery Settings Upon clicking this tab, a new page will appear. From here, proceed to select "Delivery Settings."veve1

  4. Customizing Information In the "Delivery Settings" section, you'll be prompted to input information according to your preferences and requirements.ffff2

Here's what you can modify:

  • Minimum Order Price: Set the minimum order amount for delivery.
  • Approximate Delivery Time: Indicate an estimated time for delivery.
  • Delivery Area/Distance: Define the geographical scope of your delivery service.
  • Delivery Charges: Specify any associated delivery fees.
  • Payment Timing: Determine whether payment is made before delivery or upon receipt.

By tailoring these settings, you can create an optimal experience for your customers seeking takeaway delivery services.