End of Day (Terminal Close)

This page will explain how to use the End Of Day function on the terminal, used at the end of your trading day to cash up.


1. Select End Of Day from the side menu.


2. Select Terminal Close & click Next. Note:

Pressing the X in the top corner will allow you to view the outstanding sales data without having to close the terminal.

You can also view previous  sales data at any time from the reports section in the cloud office. See Reports

Orders, refunds and voids will be displayed in the top left corner, showing Quantity, Discount, Average, and Total including Tax.

View sales by employee in the bottom left of the screen.


3.  Fill in the total amounts after counting the cash.

Total variances will be displayed underneath the amounts.

4.  Once you have entered all of the amounts, click Print & Close Till. A receipt displaying total amounts will be printed.


End Of Day (cloud office close)