Extra notes for Hola

This article will give you some extra information on Hola bot.

  1. Press the emergency button on the top of the robot to make it stop immediately. Then it cannot run and the button needs to be rotated to make it move;

  2. The robot has an automatic obstacle avoidance function, but it is strictly forbidden to block the robot suddenly during its running. Otherwise, it may cause an accident;

  3. The lidar, RGBD and Marker camera are strictly prohibited from being blocked by any objects;

  4. Please designate a person to charge the robot, don’t charge it unattended;

  5. Please keep the robot and its charging port in a dry storage location and at room temperature. Forbidden to place the robot and charger in a high-temperature area for charging (>40°C) and let water in;

  6. The Holabot can be called by the watch only in an idle state. Unless cancel the task of “Go to dish-washing room”, or the robot won’t respond to the watch's call during return to the washroom.

  7. On the "Scheduled return" mode, the robot can wait at the standby point (and set the waiting time), and it will not respond to watch call before the waiting time is over (the waiting time can be ended manually).