Elevating Business Operations with the WS1 4G WiFi Base Station

A game-changing device for any business. Elevate your customers' experience with seamless connectivity, efficient operations, and exceptional customer service.

What is a base station?

A 4G WiFi base station is a communication device that combines two key functionalities: providing access to high-speed internet through 4G cellular networks and creating a local wireless network (WiFi) for connecting multiple devices within its range. It can switch seamlessly between modes so your operations never stop.

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Picture this scenario:

It's 6 pm, and your bustling restaurant or business is brimming with customers eagerly waiting to be served. Suddenly, disaster strikes – your WiFi connection goes down, bringing all operations to a grinding halt. Usually, you'd be left with no choice but to wait for the router to reconnect. But with a 4G WiFi base station, you wouldn't even notice the hiccup. This innovative device seamlessly switches from WiFi to your 4G data card, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and keeping your business running smoothly.

What can it do?

  • Network Separation: The base station offers three dedicated networks – one for SUNMI devices, a main network, and a guest/public network, ensuring enhanced security and seamless user access.
  • High-Performance Hardware: Equipped with a quad-core processor and 512MB of RAM, the base station maintains maximum speeds and processes data swiftly for efficient performance.
  • Gigabit Ports: With up to five ports, including WANx1, WAN/LANx3, and LANx1, the base station facilitates versatile connectivity options for various devices.
  • 4G Data Card Slots: With built-in 4G data card slots, the base station guarantees a dependable and stable internet connection. In case of WiFi disruptions, the device seamlessly switches to the data card connection, ensuring uninterrupted network uptime.     (Communications standard: TD-LTE, FDD-LTE, TD-SCDMA, WCDMA, GSM)
  • Connect up to 128 Devices: Supporting up to 128 connected devices simultaneously, the base station enables seamless connectivity for a multitude of devices within its range.
  • Bandwidth Guarantee for Specified Devices: Even during peak network usage, the intelligent bandwidth allocation strategy prioritizes specified devices, ensuring crucial data transmission when needed. 

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