How to Assign Staff With an NFC Card

How to set up your staff members with an NFC card or check existing cards.

With the NFC reader, Setting up a staff member with an NFC card to log in, or check existing cards is made simple.

1. Open up the settings on your terminal and select User Permissions.


2. On the screen thats loaded now, if you select the icon near the top, that will allow you to scan a card and it will identify who it's associated with.



3. Selecting a staff member in the list on the left will allow you to view their information and press the NFC Card Button to assign them a card.



4. Once this pop up has loaded place a card on the reader and press the Key Card button to assign the profile to that card. You will then be able to log out and test the card to see if it signs that profile in.


Here is a video showing the process to key a new card.

HubSpot Video