Terminal Settings – Display

This page will explain how to configure the settings on your terminal.


The picture below shows your terminal desktop.

To access brightness control, click Settings.


The three bottom icons, Back, Home, Current Open Apps.

  1. Scroll down until you see the Display section.

You can adjust the main screen brightness level as well as the customer facing screen. Click Main screen Brightness Level to bring up the brightness slider.

Toggle the brightness slider until you get the brightness you want. The same applies to the Sub Screen Brightness Level.


1. Select Sleep from the Display menu.

2. Select one of the options (shown below) to select when the product will sleep after a period of inactivity.




  1. Select Wallpaper from the display menu
  2. Choose from gallery, live wallpapers or wallpapers



To change your screensaver, select Screensaver from the display menu. You can select colours, or pictures that you upload to your terminal.

Font Size

  1. Click on Font Size from the Display menu.
  2. Toggle the slider until you get the desired size, press preview to view before confirming.


Display Size

  1. Click Display Size from the display menu.
  2. Toggle the slider until you get the desired size.

Display Direction 


Although you can change the display direction, it is recommended that you keep the default settings.

  1. Click Display Direction from the display menu.
  2. Select a direction you wish to view.