How To Set Up a Bluetooth Printer On Your Terminal

This page will show you how to set up a Bluetooth printer on the terminal

Bluetooth Printers

To set up a Bluetooth Printer on your Terminal in the SPARK app you will first need to pair it with the terminal. If you have trouble following any of the steps there will be a video guide at the bottom.

 1. Go to Settings on your terminal


2. Once in settings navigate to the Bluetooth tab on the left hand side menu and select Printer001


3. Enter the code to complete pairing this will be 0000


4. Now that your printer is paired you will need to open your SPARK app and navigate to your settings page and select printer settings

5. Select the Add New Device button and select the Printer you have paired with the terminal

6. After selecting your printer you should hear the printer chirp to confirm it is connected, if you hear that, press the Yes button

7.  Enter a name for your printer and select finish


To see the full process you can view the video guide below

HubSpot Video


8. Now that it is connected you can set up which categories you would like to assign to this printer, click here to view the next guide.